Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thank You Tim (2000-2012)

You were three when we got you. An amazingly trained bird dog with champion lineage. You knew all your spaniel verbal and whistle commands. Trained by the best and ready to go. Strong and powerful with an amazing nose - and - everyone’s best friend.

Never one to complain - you barked maybe 7 or 8 times your entire life. Never once growled or snapped. Always friendly to every person and dog you ever met. Respectful. Gentle. Easy to take care of. Always listened to me complain about things like work and when it snowed too much. We could tell you not to go someplace once and you knew - it was like you could read our minds. Always a buddy and a pal. Always there.

It was what I didn’t expect that you were the best at though. For the last nine years you helped Diane and I raise Eva and Gabby. You played with them, protected them, watched over them - sledding on the hill in back of the house in winter, surfing the waves on Cape Cod, playing ball. We’ll never forget how you loved watching and listening to them practice violin. Always there for them. And always on the lookout for all of us. I remember how you always stopped to smell flowers and how quickly you could get dirty after a bath. Loved the mud and loved to swim. You thought you were one of the kids and we did too. You were. Such a huge impact on all of our lives. 

You're gone but I see a lot of you in the two girls. Gabby was 11 and Eva 7 when you came home to us. You definitely had impact on shaping the type of person they have each become. I see parts of you in both of them, And that is all good.

Today was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. The house is quiet without you. We miss you, we love you and we will remember you forever Tim.

Thank You Buddy.

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