Thursday, June 23, 2011

FCC Ups Caller ID Spoofing Penalties

I've written here in the past about caller ID spoofing - faking a voice caller ID to trick the receiver into thinking someone else is calling. Most recently last winter there was a rumor going around that Wisconsin Governor Scoot Walker's called ID was spoofed for a prank radio DJ call. In a post back in February, I said it was in fact illegal. Today, the FCC just upped the penalties for spoofing caller ID's. Here's some details from a post over at
  • Caller ID "spoofing," can still be used for legal purposes such as safeguarding the privacy of individuals. But the commission argues spoofing is increasingly used for malicious purposes such as identity theft or placing false emergency calls to police.
  • In compliance with the Truth in Caller ID Act signed into law by President Obama last year, the FCC rules would fine violators up to $10,000 every time they change their caller ID information with the intent to commit harm. The fine increases every day the violation continues up to a limit of $1 million.
You can get more information on the Official FCC Blog.

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