Thursday, June 28, 2007

Disconnection Redux: A Walk on the Beach

I think I first wrote about disconnecting here in the spring of 2006. I've been away for the last 1.5 weeks without a broadband connection - hence my lack of posting. I've been out in North Truro on Cape Cod. Still here actually - am in the town library right now on a library computer - figured I better post something..... I actually got some down time which was pretty nice - not that I did not do any work.

On June 21 I had a great meeting with Joyce Plotkin from the
Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council and Ellen Bemben from the Regional Technology Corporation in Framingham, MA. Thanks Ellen and Joyce for a great meeting and thanks Ellen for picking up lunch!

On June 25 I was in Omaha delivering the keynote for the
Midwest Center for Information Technology (MCIT). In the afternoon I did a Web 2.0 technology presentation on the University of Nebraska campus to a Nebraska business and industry group. I flew back Monday evening. I especially want to thank Dennis Kirlin and Dave Vankat, along with the rest of the MCIT staff for making my visit a special one. It's been about seven years since I've been to Omaha - a wonderful part of the country and a wonderful group of people.

So - what else have I been up to? Been spending a lot of time on the beach with the kids fishing, clamming and beachcombing.
Truro is a beautiful place which much of the town part of the Cape Cod National Seashore. The establishment of the seashore national park in the 1950's has prevented new construction since - in many ways it's like going back in time. Go to just about any public access beach, walk 15 minutes down the beach in any direction and you will likely be in a place where you cannot see another person in either direction.

Lots going on in the technology world and I'll reconnect once we get back on Saturday. I've been amazed at the amount of iPhone hype in the mainstream media but I think that can wait a couple more days. Also Google, FCC, FTTP, FTTN...... Low tide in a couple of hours and we've got to go dig some more clams..... I hope you also get some time to disconnect this summer.

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