Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I'll be taking a couple of days off but before signing-off I wanted to pass along a Littleton, Colorado story you may have been following over the past couple of days....

According to an story, at this time last year, Monique White and her husband Doug were living in a tiny motel room and looking for work, pining for the Thanksgivings of her childhood when dozens gathered for the holiday feast. The Whites had lost their long haul trucking business, Doug was working a temporary construction job and Monique was looking for a job. Topping it all off - on Thanksgiving day last year the window in their hotel room blew out and the room filled with snow.

Things improved a bit for the Whites this past year - Monique and Doug admit they are scraping by but both now have regular jobs and they've purchased a small town home in Littleton. Remembering last year Monique decided to post a two sentence ad on Craigslist, inviting less fortunate people over to their home for Thanksgiving dinner. Monique figured she may get a few responses..... she ended up getting hundreds. Some simply said thank you and others took her up on her offer. Here's more from the examiner:

....dozens replied. People laid off work. People with no family. People ashamed to bring their children to a charity Thanksgiving dinner at a soup kitchen.

Monique ended up with 32 requests to come over for dinner and others pitched in. According to the examiner White's boss heard what she was doing and said he'd pay for the food. A local hotel is bringing over tables and chairs. A professional magician in the area replied and offered to come perform for the kids. National media outlets have shuffled through the Whites' modest town house writing about the unusual offer.

The Whites will be making and serving four turkeys and six pumpkin pies this year. They say this may become a Thanksgiving tradition in their home.

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