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Lost Text and Lost Friend: Terry Pardoe and Data Communications, Networking Methods and Protocols


In 2003-2004, I collaborated with Terry Pardoe, co-authoring a Network Security book published in 2004. Inspired by its success, in 2005 we began work on another book titled Data Communications, Networking Methods and Protocols, which unfortunately never made it to publication. Fast forward to September 2014, where I had the honor of delivering the opening keynote for the fall semester at New Hampshire Community Technical College (NHCTC) in Nashua. Terry played a pivotal role in making this happen, and during the event, we had the chance to capture the photo here together, proudly holding our first co-authored text.

I first crossed paths with Terry back in 1999 when he joined NHCTC-Nashua as a part-time lecturer and became a subject matter expert in the (sunsetted in 2016) Verizon NextStep program. Despite a rocky start, our relationship quickly blossomed into a close friendship. Terry possessed a remarkable sense of humor, though I can't recall ever seeing him laugh. He sure knew how to make me laugh though. He resided in Nashua, New Hampshire, alongside his wife and family. A few years ago I learned Terry passed away on May 2, 2016 at the age of 76. Years later and I’m just finding out – it happens to us all - people we work with and are friends with – we lose touch when things change. Before we get into the content – here’s a little bit about Terry.


Terry was born in the United Kingdom and educated at the Birmingham College of Advanced Technology (Now Aston University). After coming to the states, Terry D. Pardoe was executive vice president of International Management Services Inc. a USA based computer application and training organization for 23 years (until Aug 1999). On his death, he had more than 40 years experience in the design and application of networks, communications and information systems. He was an internationally recognized expert on all aspects of telecommunications and networking including wide and local area networks, TCP/IP based networks, the Internet, intranets, client server computing, data and network security and many other applied areas. He lectured and consulted on a worldwide basis for a wide range of clients including: Digital Equipment Corp., AT&T, Sprint United, Verizon, Citibank, IBM, Honeywell, NT&T (H.K.), SCI (Brazil), etc. Terry worked with all the major agencies of the US Government including NASA, NSA, DISA, US Navy, US Army, IRS and many others.


Terry was the author or co-author of over 200 technical texts on computer applications, management techniques and data communications including text to support the first Java seminar available on a worldwide basis. He authored many www pages which include complex graphics, Java applets and JavaScript.


Today I found an old CD-ROM with all text, images, etc intact of the Data Communications, Networking Methods and Protocols book. Over the summer I’ll be posting content from that unpublished book here in honor and respect of Terry. It is interesting – 20 years later - a combination of some obsolete but other still relevant technologies.


An amazing man and an amazing career, building the foundation for the Internet we have today. Thanks Terry!!

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