Tuesday, June 14, 2022

MATLAB Basic Functions Video - Restaurant Tip Calculator

This summer I'm creating a series of MathWorks MATLAB (short for Matrix Laboratory) videos for an introductory online course I'm putting together at Holyoke Community CollegeHere's a new 4 min 52 sec how-to video using a simple restaurant tip calculation as an example.  Full course videos and content will get into the MATLAB app with lots of hands-on practical and fun examples.

The course will start from ground zero assuming the student has no experience with MATLAB and work up to some interesting and powerful analysis techniques. Over the summer I’ll be posting additional MATLAB videos as teasers for the complete course.


Want to learn more? Come take a course with me at Holyoke Community College. If you are anywhere in the world and interested in taking an online course rop an email to gsnyder@hcc.edu Our courses will transfer to most university engineering programs in the United States. 

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