Saturday, June 6, 2020

Congrats Class of 2020!

 Final grades went in at Holyoke Community College last week and I’ve finally had a chance to take a little time to get some thoughts down.


When a problem comes along be nice to it, because it tries to teach you something. Klaus ObermeyerIt seems like so long ago - thinking back to when we started the spring 2020 semester in January. Who knew what was coming  in 6-7 weeks…. March 11 was the Thursday before spring break and when I last met with my Systems 2 (Circuit Analysis) class in person. It was midterm exam day. At the time we had all heard about Corona and were more than a little nervous…. A couple days later we learned we were going “remote” for the rest of the semester….


WOW - 8 weeks, hundreds of hours of online class time, studying, homework and exams. Loss of part time or full time jobs, learning in often non-idea locations and situations, uncertainty about the future, anxiety, for some depression, sleepless or near-sleepless nights, and a whole lot of frustration with your computer, others around when you are trying to get work done and of course your professors…. And now, not having that final chance on graduation day to say goodbye to you classmates and friends. It’s sure been a haul, it’s over now and you made it! It was not supposed to end this way. I’m hoping it was all worth it. It sure has been for me. I’m so proud of all of you that pushed through this.


Your attitude and hard work has been an inspiration that I’ll remember and talk about for a very long time. I know you are all off to different places and I’m sorry I did not get a chance to say goodbye to you all in person. Hoping to see you at the Holyoke Community College virtual celebration in August and seeing you walk across the stage next year with the Class of 2021.


Thank you for all of your hard work and wishing you so much success. I know you got this…. now go do more good work!


CONGRATS Class of 2020!!

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