Tuesday, June 5, 2012

See You Later WiMAX

I've written here in the past about WiMAX and the slow but inevitable take over by LTE. Well, it's starting soon - at least with Sprint's wireless services. Here's some details from an Inside Sprint blog post yesterday:

  • On 6/7, smartphone customers in markets slated for LTE will be notified via text message of the upcoming launch.
  • The message states: SprintFreeMsg: Ready for some GREAT news? Sprint is rolling out an all-new network in (insert city here). Learn more at sprint.us/sat Reply End to stop.
  • Sprint’s all-new network launches by mid-summer 2012 in 4 cities: Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and Atlanta.
  • More cities launch later this summer and throughout the year.
  • The all-new network includes the launch of 4G LTE and improvements to Sprint’s 3G network.
Benefits include:
  • More reliable connection to voice calls, emails, and apps, and the internet
  • Expanded coverage in their area
  • Faster downloading, surfing and streaming
  • Improved indoor/outdoor signal strength
  • Enhanced voice quality
  • Fewer dropped calls
See you later WiMAX!

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