Monday, January 23, 2012

RIP Chris Kalaveras - Killed By Alleged Drunk Driver

Back in October of 2009 at The National Science Foundation ATE 2009 Principal Investigators Conference in Washington, DC I had the chance to talk on camera with DeAnza College students Chris Kalaveras and Paul Nguyen. 

Students that attend the conference spend three days in a variety of seminars, demonstrating and sharing their work with other colleges. These students are the best of the best - it's a competitive and thorough process involving nomination by a professor and selection by a committee in Washington. 

Chris and Paul were nominated and selected. At the conference they displayed and demonstrated how they were taking donated computers, fixing them up and donating them to DeAnza students. Couple of impressive young guys doing great stuff.

On Thursday Chris was killed riding his motorcycle. The driver of the car involved in the accident has been booked on felony DUI charges. Here's the obituary from the Mercury News in San Jose

The Santa Clara County Coroner on Friday identified the motorcyclist who died Thursday (January 19, 2012) evening after a collision with an alleged drunken driver as 25-year-old Christopher Kalaveras of Santa Clara.
Santa Clara police identified the driver as Aaron Keith Taylor, who was booked into jail on felony DUI charges.
Police said the motorcycle and another vehicle collided in a residential neighborhood near Francis and Santa Maria avenues, east of Lawrence Expressway, at 8:45 p.m. Santa Clara paramedics pronounced Kalaveras dead about 10 minutes later.
Police said it was not immediately clear if other factors, such as a slick road, could have contributed to the crash.
Chris was a great kid doing great things and on track to do even greater things. Such a sad and unnecessary loss. If you get wasted - stay off the road.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gordon,
Sorry to hear about this talented student. Might also remind folks to wear a helmet when using motorcycles and bikes.

Anonymous said...

He was wearing a helmet Linda.

Jessyca said...

I knew Chris from when we four years old. In the past couple of years we have not kept in touch as much as I would of liked. However, no matter how much time passed, when we reconnected he always impressed me. I know he had two young children, a son and a younger daughter.

I just received the news of his passing and always remember that no matter what his life was like, no matter what he was trying to overcome, his first thought was always for his children and how to make their lives better.

I wish I knew what was happening with them now that he has passed away.

Ajlounyinjurylaw said...

This is so sad, my thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Unknown said...

I miss him... He was my beautiful Chris. And now he's gone. I'm sorry, Chris that I didn't deliver the promises I've made.. One day, I will see you again and we will reunite that bond that was left in the sand...

Bradly Miller said...

This really made me cry.I really feel too sorry to him and his family.May god give bless to him.This is really very touching .It's also awareness post too for us .Hope so we can follow this too.