Friday, December 2, 2011

Carrier IQ - are You Being Tracked?

Last month, security researcher Trevor Eckhart published a report accusing CarrierIQ of installing malware on more than 140 million devices worldwide. Eckhart also published a video showing CIQ's software secretly running in the background and monitoring a variety of handset activity on an HTC device including key presses, browsing history, SMS logs, and location data. If you have not seen it, here's Part 2 of Trevor's video: 

Yesterday Senator Al Franken from Minnesota "reached out" to AT&T, HTC, Samsung, and Sprint Nextel after they acknowledged their use of Carrier IQ’s diagnostic software to request that they explain (within the next 12 days) what they do with the information they receive from the software.
Also yesterday, Carrier IQ released a statement saying:

We measure and summarize performance of the device to assist Operators in delivering better service. While a few individuals have identified that there is a great deal of information available to the Carrier IQ software inside the handset, our software does not record, store or transmit the contents of SMS messages, email, photographs, audio or video. For example, we understand whether an SMS was sent accurately, but do not record or transmit the content of the SMS. We know which applications are draining your battery, but do not capture the screen.
In addition, the following updates have been posted by The Huffington Post:
Grant Paul, a well-known iPhone hacker who goes by the screenname "chpwn",wrote on his blog that Apple has included Carrier IQ on the iPhone, but the software's default is disabled.  
Want to find out if your phone is secretly tracking you? Check out our comprehensive list of the devices and carriers known to use Carrier IQ.

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