Thursday, October 27, 2011

Verizon FiOS Buildout Essentially Done, Fixed LTE Coming

In a quarterly earnings conference call last Friday Verizon confirmed a couple of things I've been saying here for the past couple of years. The FiOS build out is basically done for now and Verizon Wireless will be offerring a fixed LTE option in direct competition with the landlind side of the business.

Here's an interesting Q&A from the VZ - Q3 2011 Verizon Communications Inc Earnings Conference Call held on October 21, as posted at DSL Reports:

Citigroup Analyst: Is there any thought of taking that non-FiOS bundle of presumably LTE broadband LTE voice,what about taking that more nationally and making that more of a national product for you versus just maybe an out of FiOS region but in territory Verizon product? 
Fran Shammo: Well, we are. And you're going to see that come in the fourth quarter with the -- what we now call the Cantenna which is not a commercial name obviously, but it's the antenna that we actually trialed with DIRECTV, which was extremely successful. And again, the benefit of this antenna is it operates the spectrum extremely efficiently. So if you look at a MiFi card or a dongle, this is very, very efficient, way above those two devices which is why it's critical to have that bundle with that Cantenna. So when we launch that you're going to see us go nationally with that type of an offer.

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