Friday, January 28, 2011

Breaking Down The G's

Martin Sauter has a nice post over at WirelessMoves titled The G Is Dead, Long Live the G!. In the post he discusses how "G" is being misused to death. Here's a quote from Martin:

In almost every report the acronym "4G" is used for just about everything that is faster than a crawling few kbit/s. 4G is HSPA, 4G is LTE, 4G is this, 4G is that. Well, 4G isn't any of it. And quite frankly I am a bit tired and nerved because just like "open" and "free" it has lost any meaning in the mobile world.

It is confusing but it looks like we'll be stuck with all these G's for a while. How do we sort it all out? One of the comments by Alexander D. on Martin's post breaks down the wireless G's. Here it is:
1G: Analog
2G: Digital technologies that originated as purely circuit-switched ones, later expanded to packet-switched (within the constraints of the old tech)
3G: Both circuit-switched and packet-switched from the ground up
4G: Purely packet-switched
 Short and concise. I'm using it! Very nice.


Unknown said...

What about 2.5G?

Gordon F Snyder Jr said...

Hmmmm..... half way between 2 and 3. Think in this case I'd round down to a 2!