Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wi-Fi Direct

Tomorrow the Wi-Fi Alliance consortium (Cisco, Apple, Intel and over 300 other equipment manufacturers), will release something called Wi-Fi Direct - a technology that will turn (according to Business Week) turns gadgets into mini access points, able to create wireless connections with other Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets or broadband modems within a radius of about 300 feet.

Wi-Fi Direct enabled devices can be setup to automatically scan the vicinity for existing hot-spots and the gamut of Wi-Fi equipped devices, including phones, computers, TVs, and gaming consoles. They will then be able to connect to these devices in a peer-to-peer configuration. Two connected devices will not have to be both running Wi-Fi Direct, only one of two paired devices will have to be enabled to establish a connection. Here's more from Business Week:

The feature could boost usage of Wi-Fi capabilities in smartphones and television sets in particular. "It makes adding Wi-Fi to devices that don't have Wi-Fi more compelling," says Kelly Davis-Felner, marketing director at Wi-Fi Alliance. Marvell is already talking to makers of TVs, few of whom offer Wi-Fi connectivity today but are now considering adding the capability to let users wirelessly transfer photos and video from their Wi-Fi-enabled cameras, camcorders, and netbooks directly onto TV screens.

You'll be able to upgrade many of your existing Wi-Fi enabled devices. Expect to see enabled products like cameras, TV's, printers and just about every smart-phone become available next year and get ready for some pretty cool television commercials demonstrating the technology!

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