Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tell Senators To Keep Broadband Investment In The Stimulus Bill

Today Beth Allen at sent out an email some of you may have received. If you did not get it - here it is:

Dear Speed Matters Activist,

We're getting closer to important new investments in high speed Internet across America.

After hearing from thousands of Speed Matters activists like you, the House of Representatives included funding for broadband infrastructure in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The Senate is debating stimulus legislation this week. But you know what can happen when Congress picks through a piece of legislation -- some parts are added, some parts are removed, and what finally passes can look very different from the original version.

That's why the entire Speed Matters community must send a strong, united message about the importance of broadband investment -- for the sake of our Internet and for the sake of our economy. Make your voice heard by contacting your Senators right now:

Broadband funding in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is a good start on the road to universal high speed Internet access, job creation, and economic growth. Every $5 billion in broadband investment creates an additional 100,000 jobs -- and provides the key infrastructure to keep our economy growing in the long-term.

The Senate stimulus legislation couples flexible grant programs with tax incentives to spur investment in rural areas and high speed networks and encourage job growth. It also includes funding for grants for broadband mapping, setting up community technology teams, and other broadband community outreach efforts. Together, these policies can solve the challenges of expanding broadband access and adoption and upgrading networks -- all while giving a strong boost to our economy.

Universal, affordable broadband also helps us address other pressing concerns, including health care, education, online job search and job training, our environmental crisis, access for people with disabilities, public safety, and civic participation.

Make sure your Senators know about all these benefits of broadband investment. Contact them today:

We've gotten this close to new broadband investment and hundreds of thousands of good jobs -- we can't afford to let up now.


Beth Allen Online Mobilization Coordinator

Sign the digital petition and get a sample letter to send to your Senators at

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