Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Social Networking Thinker You Should Know

I've been sick with the flu the last couple of days and, as a result, have had an opportunity to catch up with a number of my favorite bloggers. Jim McGee, over at McGee’s Musings wrote an excellent post yesterday titled Thinkers you should know - danah boyd. Danah is a Ph.D. candidate at the Berkeley School of Information and her research focuses on understanding social networks and their interplay with youth culture. In a 14 minute interview with Discover Magazine, she discusses how kids use technology, where mobile phones are going and the Facebook versus MySpace "smackdown".

Here's a link to the video at Discover Magazine <- click here to watch.

The interview is excellent and highly recommended. Here's how Jim finishes his post: her insights are worth factoring into your thinking about Enterprise 2.0. If nothing else, she’ll help you understand your future work force. I'll take it a step further and say she'll help you understand your children, your grandchildren...... and, if you are faculty, your current and future students,

Jevon MacDonald, who blogs at, wrote an interesting reply to Jim's post on the FASTForwardBlog: Danah’s work has been incredibly important. Anyone wanting to really understand the social underpinnings of Enterprise 2.0 (social computing in general) should spend a week just reading everything Danah has written.

Danah blogs at - watch the video and take some time (maybe not a week but an hour or so) to take a look at her work if you get a chance.

Thanks Jim for your post. Oh yes - I'll be getting to the technical follow-up piece on Internet Traffic Shaping as soon as I feel better!

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