Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Google and Yahoo Offering More Online Space

Check out the Gmail blog and the companies efforts in their "Infinity+1" storage plan - a plan to provide Gmail users with "more space as we were able." According to the blog, the Standard and Education Edition storage, which is now at 2GB, will get a bump and begin matching Gmail's counter. Premier Edition users get bumped up from 10GB to 25 GB. The standard edition is free and the Premier edition is $50 / user account / year. The Education Edition also offers 2GB but makes the text-based ads alongside email, found in the Standard Edition, optional to students and academic faculty and staff.

Yahoo’s unlimited storage product provides unlimited email storage space. According to Yahoo:

"....users that follow normal email practices and comply with our anti-abuse limits can consume an unlimited amount of free email storage. This will apply to both new and existing users."

Yahoo also offers the Yahoo! Briefcase that provides up to 30GB of free file storage free to Yahoo account holders. Briefcase is great for students who are accessing computers in different locations - imagine a community college commuter student using a computer at home and another computer at school. Brifcase allows file storage that can be accessed from both locations.

There have been Google Gdrive storage rumors for over a year now.

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Mark Viquesney said...

Once again, you provide great information that I can use. I did not know about Yahoo! Briefcase - but the possibilities are great. I can store my lectures there without having to worry if I remembered my thumbdrive. My students can store their papers there. Right now, they just email the docs to themselves or use Google docs.