Thursday, May 3, 2007

Comcast's Fancast

I've been meaning to write about Fancast for a while. Fancast is an upcoming Comcast product (this summer) that, according to the website:

" With Fancast, you will be able to search for your favorite shows, movies, actors, or simply enjoy videos on the site. Fancast will provide you with a place to discover when your favorite shows or movies are on, and where you can watch them via television, video on demand, online or on other devices".

On April 11, Comcast purchased Fandango, an online advance movie ticket sale site and it looks like Comcast will be using Fandango to list Fancast shows. Mike Sachoff, a staff writer for, quoted Amy Banse, President of Comcast Interactive Media:

"Adding Fandango to Comcast Interactive Media and creating will enable us to leverage our combined assets to offer consumers an outstanding entertainment experience."

AppleTV, XBox Live, Tivo, your favorite network dot com, etc, etc..... and the list goes on.... any place, anywhere, any time......

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Unknown said...

Is Fancast peer-to-peer technology?