Monday, February 19, 2007

Content Recognition – ID of Copyrighted Material

Audible Magic (, a Los Gatos, CA content protection and information services, has developed some new content recognition software that can quickly identify copyrighted material. Vance Ikezoye, CEO of Audible, demonstrated how the application worked. In the demo he downloaded a video clip from You Tube that he claimed had been shot with a handheld camcorder in a theater and then dubbed in Chinese. When the clip was analyzed using the application, it was identified as a scene from the movie Kill Bill: Vol 2. the application went as far as identifying the scene starting point in the film at 49 minutes and 37 seconds!

There is current interest in this product from MySpace, which announced a pilot program ( using the Audible product to block videos containing unauthorized copyrighted content from being posted in its community. This service is being offered free by MySpace to copyright holders.

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