Monday, August 1, 2005

Are We There Yet?

Posted on: Mon, 01 Aug 2005 09:03:36 -0400  by: G. Snyder

The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics has released some very interesting statistics in this year's second quarter report. According to the report the IT workforce is just about back to where it was during the summer of 2001.
In 2001 3.46 million people in the U.S. defined themselves as IT professionals and in the second quarter of this year 3.43 million people defined themselves as IT professionals. This is the highest number of employed IT professionals since 2001 and is up 128,000 from the same quarter last year.
Where is the growth since 2001?
  • IS managers have increased 70,000 to 340,000
  • Computer software engineers have increased 87,000 to 736,000
  • Database admins have increased 27,000 to 195,000
  • Computer systems admins have increased 21,000 to 195,000
Where is the loss since 2001?
  • Programmers have declined by 180,000 to 558,000
  • Computer scientists and analysts have declined 38,000 to 777,000
  • Computer support specialists have declined 8,000 to 349,000
  • Network systems and data communications analysts have declined 10,000 to 346,000
Annualized unemployment rates for this same quarter are down to 3.4% compared to 5.2% during the same quarter last year.

Interesting information!

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